Do you feel like your current draping skills are not getting you the type of clients you dreamed of?

Do you believe you're not charging your worth because you do not know how to strategically price your services or packages?

Do you feel trapped like you constantly get low balled because you're not sure how to attract your ideal client?


If you looked at all the youtube videos and tutorials to improve your design skills but you still cannot create that WOW factor you've been looking for.

If you're tired of seeing other designers post these elaborate designs that you feel you can create but was unable to do so.

And you wish you could learn how to incorporate draping in your business without taking a course breaking the bank.



An intensive workshop designed specifically for event professionals who want to take their business to the next level incorporating elegant pipe & drape designs for their ideal clients.


You will learn:

We will explore:

  • Various drape kits components

  • How to assemble pipe & drape systems

  • How to sketch your design

  • Measuring your fabric panels

  • Different types of fabric textures & uses

  • How to layer fabric with and without double crossbars

  • How to add embellishments and specialty linen

  • Where to purchase fabric and equipment

  • Troubleshooting venue challenges

  • Pricing & Packaging strategies

  • Advance designs & techniques using up & over

  • Assembling a canopy

  • How to upsell with lighting for your backdrops

  • How to upsell using chandeliers & other add-ons

You will also recieve..

VIP access to premium FB Group 

Your safe haven to share your ideas and ask questions with like-minded premium academy members such as yourself that you'd rather not ask in your larger networks.

Weekly support from me

You will have access to me for those rough patches where you feel stuck and seek a little guidance. You will have access to  the recorded calls to review whenever you need to.

Review of your work & feedback

You've taken the training, practiced but still can use some honest feedback to ensure your draping correctly? This virtual free session is just what the doctor ordered. So you see, your not just left alone.

Limited access to resource library

Get VIP access to all files in the resource library for you to review and refresh at any time.

Discount on event decor

You'll receive a 6 month 5% student discount on any purchases for event decor at one of the top leading event decor companies. Now you can have the best products at a cheaper cost.

List of important resources

You will receive a list of suppliers for equipment, fabric and decor to save you the hassel of trying to locate them yourself which will save you lots of time shopping around. I've already done that for you!

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Imagine yourself immediately being able to

Make the kind of money that will finally allow you to hire a team so you no longer have to depend on family & friends to assist your set-ups.

Booking new clients on the spot without hearing (i'll get back to you). All because your amazing portfolio blew them away and they just had to have you!

Waking up to an inbox full of inquiries and having your calendar booked into the next year with your ideal clients.

Enjoying the money, lifestyle and freedom you started your business for in the first place.

Instead of being just any ole event stylist, you'll now be a successful, sought after one!

Ready to start making at least 5-7k per month?


How do I know if this is for me?

This workshop is for event designers, planners, party promoters, treat makers, entrepreneurs and any other event professional who wants a thriving business by incorporating pipe & drape designs.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we offer payment plans to make it accessible as possible for you to get the training and support you need because I know what it's like to see a program that would totally change  your business forever but you may can't quite swing the investment. 

What happens if I'm faced with a design challenge that I cant figure out?

You are never alone. You have tons of support from the VIP facebook group with other designers such as yourself as well as tech support from me, your instructor for as long as your a member of The Posh Academy. There will be tons of resources in the free library to reference back to when needed that has many troubleshooting tips already there. You will be apart of a kickass community that will support you throughout your journey.

What if I can attend this session, will there be more workshops?

There will be a series of workshops hosted throughout the year at various cities on the East Coast. We will love to expand to other areas soon so always check back on our upcoming workshops page to find locations. 

I don't wish to travel, are there any other options to take the class?

The beauty of versatility! Because we don't want to leave no one out, we have designed an online workshop as well to instruct those unwilling to travel. You get all the same materials, we cover the same workbook and you learn all the same skills virtually.

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So let's get started shall we?